Pissy Fish

Yesterday I was admittedly being a pissy fish (that’s when you spend most of the day wallowing in a baditude and moaning “UUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” to anyone within earshot). Mr. B-How was frustrated with a computer problem, Babykins was not in the mood to be appeased, and Bruno (our Great Dane) had a stomach ache that required him to be let out every 30 minutes. By the time the baby was in bed, I was not in the mood to do the strength workouts but as Mr. B-How wisely says “You don’t have to like to…you just have to do it”. So I did…but not ’cause I liked it. 😉

Sometimes a few Ronnie Coleman phrases can help get to in the right state of mind before a workout.
(See video below for correct emphasis and enthusiasm.)

“Ain’t nothin’ but a peanut.”
“Aint’ nothin’ to it but to do it.”
“Everybody wants to be a body building but don’t nobody want to lift this heavy ass weight. I’ll do it, though” – so true, Ronnie, so true.

I now present Ronnie Coleman himself:



Hi all!

Putting together my blog to keep the peeps updated and entertained. Going with the bacon theme- here’s a gem from Parks and Rec. Ron Swanson, you’re my hero.