Yes, this exactly.

Sherri wins for sending me this. Way to find the bacon!


What was that?

Hold up guys…did you just feel that? It felt like a little bit of thin just went by. If you missed it, no worries, it was really just a quick brush-by, but I felt relatively thin for the first time since, well….hmmm….that’s a tricky one. I don’t  remember the last time I wasn’t pregnant and/or gaining weight. Yay for me- I’m old and my brains are going! I’m going to go back to feeling generally tubby again for now, but I have plans to be around when that thin feeling shows back up. You guys should stick around for it, too. 

Performance Enhancing Drugs

I’ve never been a caffeine addict. My own enthusiasm for hearing myself talk is enough to get me up each day, to the frustration of many a first period student over the last five to eight years (and Mr. B-How). So caffeine is something that shows up only when I really need it – and today was one of those days. I own a small business sewing appliqued sorority letters outside of teaching. In the fall is when I get hit hard. I’ve been known to work Sat. and Sun some weekends as well as several weeknights until 11 or 12. This is just the beginning, but adding Babykins into the equation, I thought I’d die without a good swift caffeine kick today. I splurged on a small diet coke (with plenty of ice) from McDonald’s but five hours later I am still WIRED my friends. The downside of rarely using it is that when you do, you better be ready to PAARRRRTTTYYYYYY!!!!! We’re not going to do this again for awhile.

In a twist

We had nice group conversation back two weeks ago about how to deal with people who question your nutrition decisions, but I’ve run across one I can’t solve. I have no problem telling family, friends, co-workers, my grandmas, grocery store checker outters, and strangers who work in the offices below us why I’m eating what I’m eating, but this one cannot be trifled with. Nice old ladies. And by old I mean 80+ that you’re not related to. We took Babykins to visit Mr. B-How’s first babysitter and her husband who are both 89 years old and sweet as can be. Of course we were offered Coke/Pepsi which I managed to get around by drinking water, but you know nice old ladies- they’ll pour a bag of munchies just because they like having you around. So no matter how much I protested that we didn’t need anything, a bowl of chocolate covered pretzels showed up and it would’ve broken her heart if we hadn’t eaten some. What’cha gonna do ’bout that? I can be tough with meanies, but I can only tell sweet old ladies no once or twice before I cave. It’s not the hill I’m going to die on. 😉 (Don’t worry, I don’t take that crap from my own grandmas.)


Creepin’ on you while you’re creepin’ on me

Seeing my little blog stats this morning makes me want to pull a Sally Field and say “You like me, you REALLY like me!”

I don’t know exactly who’s viewing, but 23 of you visited today just to watch the bacon related videos and hacked comics I find around the interwebs. I’m guessing you must like it or Chris and Sherri are just using different computers to view so that I feel popular. (I wouldn’t put it past them, they’re nice enough to do that). Wait. Does this mean I have to be BTWG accountable?? Damn, I knew this would backfire. 

Thanks for visiting friends, hope I can keep you coming back. 


PS – If this post made you say “Oh crap, she knows I’m creepin’!”, no worries. I can’t see who you are, just how many people are visiting. I’m weird about people knowing I stalk their blogs, too.

My demise has a first name. Its C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E

I’m having an epic fail – its name is chocolate. I act all high and mighty about turning it down at the beginning of the meeting but then it just sits there….staring at me….and I can’t do anything to stop it except eat it. One piece turned into two pieces, and two pieces turned into three six pieces. At that point you just want to say “Hell with it!” (I didn’t, but I wanted to- so badly!!!) I did eat another three pieces of Ghirardelli when I got home, but to my defense it was 72% cocoa – we can’t keep the good stuff around anymore. So I join you all in your donut distresses and Captain Crunch cravings – I am human…and my stomach hurts pretty bad now.

I will not eat the chocolate. I will not eat the chocolate. I will eat the bacon instead.