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Performance Enhancing Drugs

I’ve never been a caffeine addict. My own enthusiasm for hearing myself talk is enough to get me up each day, to the frustration of many a first period student over the last five to eight years (and Mr. B-How). So caffeine is something that shows up only when I really need it – and today was one of those days. I own a small business sewing appliqued sorority letters outside of teaching. In the fall is when I get hit hard. I’ve been known to work Sat. and Sun some weekends as well as several weeknights until 11 or 12. This is just the beginning, but adding Babykins into the equation, I thought I’d die without a good swift caffeine kick today. I splurged on a small diet coke (with plenty of ice) from McDonald’s but five hours later I am still WIRED my friends. The downside of rarely using it is that when you do, you better be ready to PAARRRRTTTYYYYYY!!!!! We’re not going to do this again for awhile.


2 responses to “Performance Enhancing Drugs

  1. sherri d. ⋅

    Er, I have an odd question….would you have the interest and the aptitude to sew about 4 or 5 adult costumes depicting royalty of old? For pay, of course….long story but I am doing work for a company where one of the ideas I pitched involves actors dressing up as princesses/princes. Yes, thank you, I am quite daring with my ideas…

  2. buffaloh20 ⋅

    Awww, I would except it’s not that kind of sewing – it’s logo embroidery and screenprinting. If I had been practicing with my home sewing machine 2 years ago, I could’ve made your dream come true, but instead all I can make are awkward pleated pants for the baby and uneven quilts. 😉

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