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What was that?

Hold up guys…did you just feel that? It felt like a little bit of thin just went by. If you missed it, no worries, it was really just a quick brush-by, but I felt relatively thin for the first time since, well….hmmm….that’s a tricky one. I don’t  remember the last time I wasn’t pregnant and/or gaining weight. Yay for me- I’m old and my brains are going! I’m going to go back to feeling generally tubby again for now, but I have plans to be around when that thin feeling shows back up. You guys should stick around for it, too. 


One response to “What was that?

  1. sherri d. ⋅

    Cool !!! That really is the best feeling when YOU have those moments of self-perception that are accurate and true. I will never forget being at prison (that’s another story) and having my photo taken (no, not a mug shot) by someone with my own camera, and when I got home and uploaded photos, I stopped at this one photo thinking “Who the hell is that?” I really did…and yes, it was me….yes, in prison. Yay Kat!

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