The Larabars I shouldn’t be eating

Should this blog be called Sugar Confessions? It’s beginning to turn into that, right? How boring. ANYWAY…Here another one – pretend like it fascinates you. 😉

Chocolate Cherry Larabars equal AMAZING (and deadly). Amazing in the sense that they are about 70% good (dates, almonds, unsweetened cherries, cashews, seasalt) and 30% deadly (chocolate, sugar, and a complete lack of responsibility…on my part, not Lara). I know they’re not BTWG approved and I’m really going to have to cut them out after the Whole Life Challenge starts, but DANG do I like them! They’re filling and hit the spot when I feel like eating thirteen cupcakes at once. I tried replacing them with the Cherry Torte Larabars. Epic fail. Ya’know what was missing? Chocolate.


Karie Sushi and Sneaky Vegetable Box

Picked up two new recipes at the farmers market. Haven’t tried either of them, but I have a sneaking suspicion when I do, it’s going to rock my face off.

Karie Sushi

– My accountability partner shared her favorite take-to-work lunch on Saturday and it sounds like a great alternative for those sushi lovers. Take seaweed sheets, put on canned salmon (canned in water -duh) and eat. She says it’ll satisfy that craving and is a great midday option. Probably a little light for my taste, but I’m usually STARVING by lunch, so to each their own. 😉 Try it out and let her know what you think.

Sneaky Vegetable Box

– The following conversation happened between me and a vendor at the farmer’s market this weekend. (Keep in mind, I made Mr. B-How order one first before buying my own. I live dangerously that way.)

“Breakfast Box – eggs, vegetables, sauerkraut, goat cheese, add bacon for $2.”

Me: What are the vegetables in the Breakfast Box.

Dude (as he’s loading it up with goat cheese and garlic sauerkraut) : hmmmm….today it’s summer squash, mushrooms, and kale

Me: I hate all of those vegetables. That’s very sneaky of you, sir.

Dude: That’s what we do, sneak veggies in with the bacon.

Me: Well played.

Seriously, though. That was a perfect weekend breakfast food (and for fall)! I’m going to have a brunch party some day and sneak veggies in all the dishes. I didn’t watch them make it, but basically it’s scrambled eggs, squash (zucchini??), kale, mushrooms, little bit of goat cheese, garlic, and beet root sauerkraut. I could do with or without the kraut, I’ll leave that for you to decide, but it sure was a taste adventure.

Getting lost, finding my way back.

Karie is the keeper of my secret that I’ve been TERRIBLE about turning in my logs the last…oh… four weeks. What?!?! Yes. Four weeks.. Maybe three. All the same, what an embarrassment! What did I do, just take a vacation? Who knows. But if you want to draw a metaphor between my slacker logging and the really pathetic way I got lost on Saturday, feel free. Shannon wins a gold star for being my human GPS to the farmers market (despite the fact I literally had a GPS, Google Maps, and Mapquest print out on me…really).

Chris: So tell me where you are right now?
Me: I’m at the corner of Westfield and Westfield.
Chris: Ummm…I’m going to give you to Shannon.
Shannon: Where are you?
Me: Now I’m at Subway.
Shannon: Do you see the McDonalds?
Me: Nope, all I see is Subway.
Shannon:  Alright, head east-
Me: Which way is east?
Shannon: Turn right, we’re behind the school.
Boom, she found me!! And, in turn, I found them. 😉 And we all found bacon. Karie wins the gold star for being my accountability partner. I promise not to let you down, Karie, I did my logs this week!!

Two thumbs up to all of those keeping me honest, stickin’ with the program themselves, and gearing up for the Whole Life Challenge. Getting it together just in time! 😉

Also, I missed covering the blog in bacon. Hope I didn’t lose everyone!