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Getting lost, finding my way back.

Karie is the keeper of my secret that I’ve been TERRIBLE about turning in my logs the last…oh… four weeks. What?!?! Yes. Four weeks.. Maybe three. All the same, what an embarrassment! What did I do, just take a vacation? Who knows. But if you want to draw a metaphor between my slacker logging and the really pathetic way I got lost on Saturday, feel free. Shannon wins a gold star for being my human GPS to the farmers market (despite the fact I literally had a GPS, Google Maps, and Mapquest print out on me…really).

Chris: So tell me where you are right now?
Me: I’m at the corner of Westfield and Westfield.
Chris: Ummm…I’m going to give you to Shannon.
Shannon: Where are you?
Me: Now I’m at Subway.
Shannon: Do you see the McDonalds?
Me: Nope, all I see is Subway.
Shannon:  Alright, head east-
Me: Which way is east?
Shannon: Turn right, we’re behind the school.
Boom, she found me!! And, in turn, I found them. 😉 And we all found bacon. Karie wins the gold star for being my accountability partner. I promise not to let you down, Karie, I did my logs this week!!

Two thumbs up to all of those keeping me honest, stickin’ with the program themselves, and gearing up for the Whole Life Challenge. Getting it together just in time! 😉

Also, I missed covering the blog in bacon. Hope I didn’t lose everyone!


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