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Karie Sushi and Sneaky Vegetable Box

Picked up two new recipes at the farmers market. Haven’t tried either of them, but I have a sneaking suspicion when I do, it’s going to rock my face off.

Karie Sushi

– My accountability partner shared her favorite take-to-work lunch on Saturday and it sounds like a great alternative for those sushi lovers. Take seaweed sheets, put on canned salmon (canned in water -duh) and eat. She says it’ll satisfy that craving and is a great midday option. Probably a little light for my taste, but I’m usually STARVING by lunch, so to each their own. 😉 Try it out and let her know what you think.

Sneaky Vegetable Box

– The following conversation happened between me and a vendor at the farmer’s market this weekend. (Keep in mind, I made Mr. B-How order one first before buying my own. I live dangerously that way.)

“Breakfast Box – eggs, vegetables, sauerkraut, goat cheese, add bacon for $2.”

Me: What are the vegetables in the Breakfast Box.

Dude (as he’s loading it up with goat cheese and garlic sauerkraut) : hmmmm….today it’s summer squash, mushrooms, and kale

Me: I hate all of those vegetables. That’s very sneaky of you, sir.

Dude: That’s what we do, sneak veggies in with the bacon.

Me: Well played.

Seriously, though. That was a perfect weekend breakfast food (and for fall)! I’m going to have a brunch party some day and sneak veggies in all the dishes. I didn’t watch them make it, but basically it’s scrambled eggs, squash (zucchini??), kale, mushrooms, little bit of goat cheese, garlic, and beet root sauerkraut. I could do with or without the kraut, I’ll leave that for you to decide, but it sure was a taste adventure.


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