The Larabars I shouldn’t be eating

Should this blog be called Sugar Confessions? It’s beginning to turn into that, right? How boring. ANYWAY…Here another one – pretend like it fascinates you. 😉

Chocolate Cherry Larabars equal AMAZING (and deadly). Amazing in the sense that they are about 70% good (dates, almonds, unsweetened cherries, cashews, seasalt) and 30% deadly (chocolate, sugar, and a complete lack of responsibility…on my part, not Lara). I know they’re not BTWG approved and I’m really going to have to cut them out after the Whole Life Challenge starts, but DANG do I like them! They’re filling and hit the spot when I feel like eating thirteen cupcakes at once. I tried replacing them with the Cherry Torte Larabars. Epic fail. Ya’know what was missing? Chocolate.